Elskavon - Fine Years Video

This is a video I put together for the last song of the Elskavon album, called Fine Years.  I re-recorded parts of this song when I had my few weeks in September tracking the album, but I originally wrote it 3 or 4 years ago (at least).

I remember it was inspired by the decade of the 1920s.  I can't remember if I had read The Great Gatsby (is that set in the 20s?) or seen a film or documentary or something about the 20s, but I wrote this song with what I've read about the 1920s in mind.  "The Golden Years," flappers, dancing, etc.

Obviously an actual recording from the 1920s would have been way rougher, but I obviously tried to make this song sound old.  Anyways, I went to San Francisco and also back in time to film this video.  For serious.

Movements In Season is available December 18.  For more info and to stream the full album, check out anthemfallsmusic.com/elskavon.

Chris BartelsComment