Introducing Vitamin June

My newest project is called Vitamin June.  I started writing songs which I figured would be part of a follow-up to Elskavon's Movements In Season, but I have been listening to so much minimalist electronic music lately, that a number of them took a stylistic turn.  As has happened before with me, I quickly felt these songs needed to be a completely separate project.

Here's a video I put together of an apartment dining room performance of the song 'Starhaste': 

I wish I could say I was organized with this project, but I literally had the idea of that video one morning, filmed it, and edited it that afternoon.  I guess spontaneity works from time to time as well. 

This is a very niche style of music - and really, it's all experimentation with audio, synths, and effects - I make it all up as I go.  No rules.   An official album release date is not yet set.

Read more about it at, and listen to a few songs from the upcoming album below.

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