Bora York | Let Loose

Let Loose is the first new Bora York single since our debut album Dreaming Free.

Here's what people have been saying about it:

"Summertime radness coming in hot today."  - Neon Gold Records

"Bora York has really delivered a pop track that's laced with crystalline synths to chill you body as the chorus blasts in like a heavy heat wave. There's no doubt you'll be blasting and dancing to this track all through the summer months."  - Oblivious Pop

"It's impossible not to get swept up in the excitement, especially by the time the chorus comes around."  - Indie Shuffle

"It's really the type of song that makes you want to stand up from your desk and say, "You know what?  I'm finally going to go out and do X." This is a song built for action, not excuses, and it's got us ready to try something different."  - Soundchips

"If you’re as enamoured by enchanting dream pop and silky synths as I am, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in the band’s latest single."  - Chart Shaker

"... catchy-as-heck chorus."  - Music That Isn't Bad

"Impeccably crafted female-led indie pop"  - blahblahblahscience

"Let Loose sees the band seeking to take control of the dance floor, with its funky basslines and dual vocal harmonies making this one pretty wonderful track."  - The Metaphorical Boat

"The breezy cut gleams with Rebekah Bartels' soaring vocals, paced guitar riffs and laid back percussion."  - JayeL Audio

"After spending some time in the musical wilderness evidently honing their songwriting skills, Minneapolis based quintet Bora York have returned with a dazzling and equally upbeat new track titled Let Loose."  - Made of Chalk

"That’s something we can all get behind."  - All Things Go

"A thing of synthesized beauty."  - Fun to Funky