Bora York - IFLMHGA. Glitchy synths, muted pianos, and creating because it's a part of you.

For years now, whether intentionally or not, I thought of Bora York - an indie-pop band with my wife and good friends - as my “main” project. I thought that there was a template that we should follow as a band - gotta tour, gotta be super active on socials, gotta do this, gotta do that. I lost it. I lost the purpose of this thing, and the thing it was birthed out of - having fun creating music. I put all this pressure on myself, and it got to a point where I was about to give up on it entirely. In hindsight, this song was a creative rebirth - a decision that changed the outlook of this album and project as a whole.

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Blurstem & Hotel Neon - “Language of Loss”

Elskavon - “Nerves / Familiarity” 

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