V I T A M I N   J U N E

Without risk, without elusiveness, music would no longer excite us.  From a surface level, everything has been done before, and has been done over and over.  But it’s risk that keeps us coming back, giving new music a chance.

Vitamin June is a project of risk.

Minneapolis composer Chris Bartels has set out with no concrete intentions in place with Vitamin June.  With his other current projects, Bora York and Elskavon, structures and soudscapes and song forms were heavy and intentional aspects of songwriting.  While details are still a time-consuming offering with these new batch of songs, Bartels has not let caution become an important voice.

Drawing inspiration from many different areas of electronic, minimalist, ambient, noise, and glitch music, these songs have taken on a persona all on their own.  The project started out as a sparatic late-night escape for Bartels, and quickly turned into a genuine interest.  Sounds are borrowed from a slew of synthesizers, samplers, and captured audio from everyday life.  Aggressive delays, filters, and other processing methods then helped create the final product.