Featured song -- 'Got Me Fallin' by Hi-Fi Cali - a recent electro side project of Chris':

I was able to write an original score for this beautiful commercial for Aspire Beverages, produced by White & Rice Productions.

The track is also available to stream/download on Bandcamp.

Anthem Falls' 5th album is now available.  It's Elskavon's Reveal, which expands on the ambient soundscapes of past albums, and delves into a more epic post-rock sound.

Read more about it on the Elskavon page.

Stream/download on Bandcamp.



The first new Bora York song since the debut album Dreaming Free is called Let Loose and is now available on iTunes.

You can stream the song now and Soundcloud and be sure to read what people have been saying about it here.

Also check out this video for Let Loose!



Greatness   |   Aspire Beverages Commercial

 Bora York   |   Let Loose

 Elskavon   |   Reveal     New Album Promo

 Elskavon   |   Solitude

 Elskavon   |   These Letters Are Only For You

Buick Commercial featuring 'Waves' by Bora York