Recorded mostly late at night while his family is asleep, Blurstem is a piano-centric offshoot project of Elskavon, Minneapolis composer Chris Bartels' ambient moniker. Bartels went into a piano-writing frenzy in the fall of 2018, when Blurstem was birthed, and decided to pursue collaborations with over half of the debut album, releasing September 2019. 


In December of 2018, Andy Othling (guitar, vibraphone) and Chris Bartels (piano) did a live-stream collaboration together for this song on Andy’s Twitch channel. People from around the world tuned in and watched the creative process in real time - even chiming in live with suggestions and thoughts as Andy was writing. They passed sounds back and forth during the day as well - a very unique collaborative experience. ‘Ochre’ is the result.


Recorded in early 2019, Moons Lost collaborative input was from close to home. Friends Alex Berglund and Josh Leininger (Rosen Poem) also reside in Minneapolis. Alex, a former co-worker of Bartels at a commercial music house, provided the many layers of strings - violin, viola, cello. Josh, who just released his debut Rosen Poem album, provided the electric guitar that brought the title track to a second level of eerie.