Absent Regrets Video

Sunday night was the first ever Elskavon live performance.  It was a really fun night - our friends hosted it at their house in St. Paul, and there were lots of great people there.

My friend Jordan Nimlos helped out with ambient guitar swells and loops while I played mainly piano or performed effected vocals through my Logic sessions.

We also had video to accompany the 20-minute set that a couple of the guys at the house helped to hook up and sync up - we had a projector screen displaying the video across the ceiling, as well as a number of monitors playing it at the same time.

I put the video together all from public domain footage - something that has become a tradition for this Elskavon material.  I decided I would use some of the footage for videos for these songs.  Or, at least this one, Absent Regrets.

Chris BartelsComment