Myths and Mold EP and City Pages Feature

My latest release is a 5-song solo EP titled Myths and Mold.  I hope you enjoy the short journey.  I'm proud of where it landed.  Thank you so much for the support.

I had the pleasure with chatting with Erica Rivera for a City Pages feature as well:

Though this is only his second solo album (his debut, Morning’s Gold, dropped in 2011), Bartels is no newbie to the Minneapolis music scene. He’s the man behind indie-pop band Bora York (with his wife Rebekah) as well as the electronica project Hi-Fi Cali. A prolific producer, he also runs Anthem Falls Music, a hybrid record label and production house.
And that’s just what he does in his spare time. By day, Bartels writes music for commercials; by night, he’s a family man. Like many creative people, he struggles to find a balance between his responsibilities and what nourishes him artistically.

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