Anthem Falls Launch

The idea for launching a hybrid record label / production house came to me pretty recently.  I knew I wanted to keep pursuing writing and recording music for film, TV, and advertising projects for awhile now, and instead of separating my own creative projects and albums, I figured why not create a sort of umbrella under which all my work can live. 

Anthem Falls Music is born.

As of now, the record label portion of Anthem Falls contains three of my personal projects - Bora York, Elskavon, and my own name.  One album has been out for awhile, one coming really soon, and one coming soon-ish.  And of course, projects beyond that are already brewing.

Writing for the music library has been a lot of fun.  They are short and sweet pieces of all types of styles and feels, while all of them still true to my artistic flavor.  To me, writing for different projects is a lot more than just recording "jingles."  It's bringing something or someone to life through art.

A big thanks to God, my wife Rebekah, family, friends, and all who have supported me over the years.  Here's to you!

Anthem Falls Press Release