Elskavon - Movements In Season Release

I've been wanting to make an instrumental ambient album for over four years now.  Four. Years.  I've fallen in love with great ambient albums over the years - Riceboy Sleeps, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, and Helios to name a few.

Listen to the full album stream here.

Elskavon is the name of my own ambient project.  Rather than trying to resurrect bits and pieces of older Elskavon material, I decided just a month or two ago to write and record an album from scratch.  The process was super fun and fulfilling.  It went from what was going to be an 3-song EP to a 7-song EP to a 10-song full-length album.  Why not, right?  I finished it in a matter of a couple weeks, by FAR the fastest I've finished an album before.

The release of Movements In Season is one week before Christmas Day - December 18, 2012.  You can stream and download the album at elskavon.bandcamp.com.  Thanks!