I've been wanting to make an instrumental ambient album for over four years now.  Four. Years.  I've fallen in love with great ambient albums over the years - Riceboy Sleeps, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, and Helios to name a few.

Listen to the full album stream here.

Elskavon is the name of my own ambient project.  Rather than trying to resurrect bits and pieces of older Elskavon material, I decided just a month or two ago to write and record an album from scratch.  The process was super fun and fulfilling.  It went from what was going to be an 3-song EP to a 7-song EP to a 10-song full-length album.  Why not, right?  I finished it in a matter of a couple weeks, by FAR the fastest I've finished an album before.

The release of Movements In Season is one week before Christmas Day - December 18, 2012.  You can stream and download the album at elskavon.bandcamp.com.  Thanks!