Introducing 'Release' - The New Elskavon Album

ALBUM2-2 04.jpg

I launched Anthem Falls Music a bit over a year ago, and a couple months later I released the debut album for my ambient project Elskavon, called Movements In Season.

I've been grateful to connect with a small-yet-faithful group of listeners and fans.  I enjoyed experimenting with and creating a homemade paper bag limited edition CD package that I had the privilege of sending to a number of different parts of the globe.  The project gave me the chance to play a couple live sets that were a unique experience, and to play music again with my friend Jordan for the project has been fun.

Well, it's about time to release another album.

Better yet, how about two albums?

I'll be releasing a winter album called Release on December 9.  Then I'll be releasing a spring album sometime in the ... well, spring.  I'll be posting two songs from the upcoming album this Monday, November 25.

Listen to 'We Can All Be New' and 'Small Hands' on the Elskavon Bandcamp page now!

The holiday season is upon us, and that means finals time for students, and finishing up big projects for everyone else.  Enjoy some ambient music while you work this year.

The beautiful album artwork photograph was taken by Anton Novoselov.

Thank you for listening!