Elskavon Video | 'These Letters Are Only For You'

Last week Jordan Nimlos helped me with filming and producing a live video for 'These Letters Are Only For You' from the recent Elskavon album Release.

Jordan has been a good friend of mine for years, and we actually used to play in a band together called Letter And Lines.  The first 'real' album, if you will, that I ever released was the Vision EP from Letter And Lines.  While the EP is not of the grandest quality when I listen to it now, those songs will always mean a lot to me.

Anyways, Jordan is also a talented photographer.  I used one of his photos for the album artwork of Movements In Season, the Elskavon debut album.  Recently he bought a Canon 6D and this was his first real run at doing some video work with it.  This video was completely spur-of-the-moment.  Release is the winter version of a double album, so it was only fitting to get some outside shots of the snow and wiping off the car.  Ahh, Minnesota.

Without further ado...

This song is also available for free download on bandcamp:


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