Elskavon | Imprints

"Imprints" is the first song off the new Elskavon album Reveal.

Reveal is the second installment of a double album, the spring version, if you will.

"Imprints" takes the Elskavon sound to a new place.  It's the first time drums and percussion are introduced in full, and it touches on a more ethereal post-rock style, while still behind an ambient wash.  With earlier albums Movements In Season and Release, drums and percussion, and even rhythm in general sometimes, were completely absent.  

While the first installment of the double album, the winter-based Release, was heavy on drone sounds and minimalism, Reveal really opens up the Elskavon sound for the first time.

A release date for the album is to be announced.

Release your imagination. So it can Reveal your reality.