Elskavon | Skylight | New Album

My fourth Elskavon album, Skylight, is out today.

Every single song is inspired by a memorable moment in my life - some huge moments, like the birth of my child; some smaller, like the tranquility of exploring the woods with my best friend years ago. 

I really believe memorable moments that we relive over and again are so incredibly valuable, and reminders to not miss the potential in the making now - these are gifts we can never fully get back, so really living these moments is important. 

I embraced imperfections and made a point to step outside my comfort zone in the studio with this album. From hearing the wood floor creak in piano recordings while my family walked around upstairs, sampling in washing machines sounds via iPad, sending synths and vocals out to guitar pedals, recording unplugged electric pianos, or using my body as drum triggers, each song was created in a unique way. 

This is Skylight. Thank you for listening.



"If you want to penetrate acoustically in other dimensions, put the new Elskavon album to your heart."  - Tidal Stream

"Something profoundly personal, something richer than gloss and polish. However it never feels like we’re imposing – the feeling is more of being welcomed, invited to stay longer, allowed and encouraged to look closer." Fine Pop & The Piano