Elskavon - The New Album

I love ambient and neo-classical music.  A lot.  I started writing and recording instrumental demos back in 2007 when I was in Denver for a year with Youth With A Mission in the Denver suburb of Arvada.  This sparked an interest that has continued ever since.

For five years, on and off, I was working on these songs and just over a year ago I finally buckled down and worked like crazy to finish up a full album and have a proper release.

Movements In Season was released through Anthem Falls last December.

This is obviously more of a niche music community as far as style, but for those that love it, they love it.  The roots of ambient music are most often traced back only to Brian Eno and the 1970's, but classical music is of course centuries old and one of the most cherished forms of music in the world.  But while the Beethovens and Mozarts were the "pop stars" of their day, classical music as most know it is seemingly finding it tough to keep up like it used to, with aging audiences.

Enter neo-classical... or modern classical.  According to The Guardian, there's a new generation of composers "as comfortable performing in bars and nightclubs as they do in concert halls." 

 Movements In Season was meant to be a dedicated blend of both ambient and neo-classical.  A new Elskavon album is on its way, and my hope is you'll hear more of the same, but in a completely new way.  I'm experimenting more with sounds and the warping of sounds.  More details to come soon!  In the meantime, here's a teaser video featuring part of a track from the album.  Thanks for listening.



 Video footage by See-Ming Lee, Creative Commons license.
Home page Elskavon photo by Dom Crossley, Creative Commons license.